Hemingray Dots

CD 145-184

Side wire groove - Double petticoat

CD 150

CD 150

Size: 82mm x 101mm (3.25" x 4")




Years produced: c.1907
Style (CD) scarcity: 1, One of a kind*
Intended use: Telegraph
Notes: One of two styles Hemingray made with the Barclay patent for spiral groove. Patented October 8, 1907 - Patent No. 867,901.

The other style is the more common CD 147

* Style scarcity listing is in the context of Hemingray units. The CD 150 was also made by Brookfield and are quite uncommon. The Hemingray unit is the only insulator to be marked Barclay.

Primary EmbossingEINEmbossingBaseColor
BARCLAY[010](F-Skirt) BARCLAY (R-Skirt) PATENTED OCT. 8 1907. SDPAqua

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