Hemingray Dots

CD 145-184

Side wire groove - Double petticoat

CD 155.6

CD 155.6

Size: 85mm x 101mm (3.375" x 4")




Years produced: Unknown
Style (CD) scarcity: 2, Less then 10 known
Intended use: Telephone
Notes: Experimental piece that appears to have the top of a CD 128 and the body of a Hemingray - 45 (CD 155). Only two compete aqua units are known and part of a emerald green one from the Hemingray dump. This insulator has carrier circuit style threads like the CD 128.

Primary EmbossingEINEmbossingBaseColor
HEMINGRAY[010](F-Skirt) HEMINGRAYSBEmerald Green

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