Hemingray Glass Insulators

History of Hemingray Insulators

Insulator Photos

The insulator section is currently undergoing a BIG upgrade. Slowly adding a photo of each Hemingray made style. In addition to that, a list of all known embossings and colors. Currently the CD 100-144, CD 145-184, CD 185-189 and CD 190-205 ranges are renovated and a nice taste of what is to come for the rest of the CD range over the coming year or so.

Style (CD) scarcity chart

In beta preview, a new style scarcity system. Number known is a best estimate. The number is more accurate for lesser known units that we have a good handle on number known.

0 = No Known examples, catalog drawings only
0.5 = Only Dump example found (not whole)
1 = One of a kind
2 = Less then 10 known
3 = 11 - 50 Known
4 = 51- 250 Known

5 = 251 - 500 Known
6 = 501-1,000 Known
7 = 1,000+ but desirable shape
8 = 1,000+ but desirable color
9 = 1,000+ common colors/markings
10 = 1,000+ common regardless of shape, color/marking



The "collections" section is here to showcase Hemingray made insulators that may not be embossed Hemingray but are made by them or groupings of insulators in a theme. This section is meant to be a unique look at groupings of Hemingray made insulators.

Specialist Cataloging Projects

This section is for cataloging projects of embossings and oddities in Hemingray insulators that are beyond the scope of the general insulator guide. This area is for the Hemingray specialist. Logo

NOTE: If you are interested in insulators be sure to check out my other site All Insulators that features photos of thousands of insulators from around the world!

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