Glass Blocks

Glass Blocks

Hemingray glass blocks come in a different sizes and patterns To date there are no known glass blocks to be embossed Hemingray. For information on how to ID a Hemingray made glass block see the Articles section of the site.

The ice green blocks are the oldest. They were made during the time when O-I bought Hemingray. The ice green ones don't have the O-I logo on them. The smokey colored one pictured below was probably made out of the same glass at the TV Tubes that were made during the last years of the Muncie plant.

O-I Block Building

A photo of some Hemingray Glass Blocks in use in a building on the grounds of the Muncie Hemingray factory.

1937 Photos of Glass blocks being made at the muncie plant

Photos taken April 1937 at the Muncie, Indiana Owens-Illinois Glass factory (The Hemingray plant). Photo show a production of the 2 part glass block with the lead band. An early design for glass blocks. This is a rare look inside the factory. Photo by, Margaret Bourke-White. Complements of Time Life Historical archives.

Glass Blocks being made at Muncie, IN Plant
Glass Blocks being made at Muncie, IN Plant

Barn load of orignal boxes

Photos below are of a barn full of Hemingray plant made Glass blocks! Ones on the left are the smoke gray lined one (larger size). Once on the right are Ice green. I managed to recover 4 different styles from this lot. 2 smoke and 2 ice green.

Glass blocks in orignal boxes - Gray
Glass blocks in orignal boxes - Green
Hemingray on a box of Hemingay Glass blocks - Gray

My cat Hemingray (RIP 1992-2013) on a box of Hemingray made smoke (gray) Blocks from the above mentioned barn.

Insulux Shot Glass

Shot glass advertising Hemingray made “Insulux” Glass blocks. The Muncie plant also did make some shot glasses so the shot glass could be Hemingray too!

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