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Links Thousands of photos of insulators from around the world. (My other site) Info. on Insulators both Hemingray and other manufactures. Hemingray Website of friend, fellow collector Christian Willis. Book By Clarice Gordon on Hemingray Glass Co. A site showcasing links to other Insulator related websites. Listing of various collectables Website of David Whitten with a wealth of information not only on Hemingray but other glass manufactures. My Insulator Fine Art site! Insulator Shirts and other Items for sale! Vintage Ads and Books, Original old magazine vintage ads, old maps, prints, engravings, ephemera, out of print books, antique and collectible advertising. They have ads with Insulators too!

Credit (General)

Kim Borgman and Steve Konon for the contribution of photos of items I do not own.
Bob Stahr for his efforts in researching and identifying the Hemingray made items.
Glenn Drummond for some of the pictures of the H.G.Co. Bottles.
Greg of for photos many of the jars.
Bill Meier for photos of insulators I do not have and part of the "Time Line" on the home page.
Christian Willis for photos of some unique Insulators.
Darin Cochran for photos of some of the dump Items.
Doug Rusher for articles on Hemingray insulators in Montana and various other items.
Elton Gish for several of the vintage Hemingray ads and catalogs.

Credit (Insulator Photos)

Andrew Gibson
Bill Meier
Brian Riecker
Butch Haltman
Christian Willis
Curtis Erickson
Darin Cochran
David Erickson
Derek Weis
Dwayne Anthony
Graham Barns
James Berg
Ken Roberts
Keven Jacobson
Kim Borgman
Matthew Willett
Mid Norris
Mike Funderburk
National Insulator Association
Patt Barkwell
Paul Plunkit
Raven Kotlarsky
Ron Yuhas
Stan Severi
Terry Drolinger
Tracy Schaff

Special thanks to:

Bill Meier for Insulator usage data.
Christian Willis for some of the data for years produced.
Ian Macky for some of the data on insulator usage

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