Original Mold for Hemingray Salesman Sample.

CD 224.5 Hemingray 41 “No. 41 Long Double Petticoat”

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1915 Catalog Drawing

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1915 Catalog Drawing

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Photo Simulaton

The CD 224.5 Hemingray 41 is one of those cool mysteries in the hobby, Not a lot is known about it, but here is what we do know.

Currently there are no examples known of this insulator, not even shards from the Hemingray dump. Unlike other manufactures, Hemingray only catalog items they produced.

This mysterious Hemingray 41 was listed in a 1913 Pamphlet and six catalogs from 1915-1917.

1913 - Voltage tests are listed in this Hemingray booklet “Some Interesting Facts About Hemingray Glass Insulators”
- Western Electric
- Northwestern Electric Equipment Company
1915-1916 - Northwestern Electric Equipment Company
1915-1916 - Canada General Electric Co., Limited
1916 - Westinghouse
1917 - Westinghouse

It was known as the “No. 41 Long Double Petticoat”
Size: 5” tall by 4” wide and a 1 ” Groove.
Under “Voltage tests” the following info is listed:
Voltage Test: Dry 66,200 - Wet 31,800 - Line 6,000
This implies they at least made some and tested them!
Standard Packing: 100
Weight per 1000: 2,750 Lbs
Cost: $110.50 per 1000 (Price is different in Canadian catalog due to exchange rate at the time)

The style is unlike any other Hemingray insulator, it has the look of some styles you see over in Europe. Was it maybe intended for export? It does show up in a Canadian catalog but I do not know any overseas ads or specimens being found.

I believe it is likely these where made and that one could show up some day. Many years ago, CD 224.5 was reserved for this insulator should it ever be found.

Just to see what one may look like I made the simulated image you see at the top of the page of approximately what it would look like. Cool insulator for sure!

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