Original Mold for Hemingray Salesman Sample.

Hemingray “Oddity” insulator, battery rest or something else?

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Light Aqua - 1 of 7 known
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Aqua - 1 of 1 known

Not much is known about these. Best current theory is they are a battery rest for a large platform. Currently there are two district styles known. The shorter profile light aqua ones, then a larger one in aqua. There are currently seven of the shorter light aqua units and one of the aqua. They all have slight rubbings on the top and bottom from use. All embossed in older style embossing with (F-Skirt) HEMINGRAY (R-Skirt) PATENT MAY 2 1893. That is the patent date fro Drip Points (Patent No. 496,652)

The light aqua examples are all APX 6” x 1 ⅞” (152mm X 47mm) and the larger aqua one is APX 6” x 3” (152mm X 76mm)

All but one known examples have been found in or around the Muncie, IN area. There was one found in Covington, KY. First one came in to the hobby in 1975 most recent one was found in 2015.

Charles Irons did an excellent article on these in the Spring 2014 Drip Points Magazine. Best sure to give it a read.

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