CD 100-144

Side wire groove - Single petticoat

CD 100.6

CD 100.6

Size: 53mm x 76mm (2.125" x 3")




Years produced: c.1920s?
Style (CD) scarcity: 2, Less then 10 known
Intended use: Carrier circuits
Style / catalog number: E1
Number of unique insulators:
Notes: All were recovered from the Hemingray dump.

Primary Embossing = Embossing on the front of the insulator, usually is that manufacturers name or the customers name. No embossing units will be noted as NO EMBOSSING. Units with no name but with numbers or letters will be noted as NO NAME. Examples: HEMINGRAY S.B.T.&.T.Co NO NAME NO EMBOSSING

EIN = Embossing Index Number is a standardized way to identify each unique embossing.

(FS) = Front Skirt (RS) = Rear Skirt (DO) = Dome (CR) = Crown (FC) = Front Crown (RC) = Rear Crown (BG) = Between Grooves (FA ) = Front, Above wire groove (FB) = Front, Below wire groove (BE) = Base Embossed (FU) = Front Umbrella (RU) = Rear Umbrella (FCE) = Front Center (RCE) = Rear Center (TE) = Top Ear (TOP) = Top of Pinhole / = Next line of embossing

There are unique characteristics of the insulator that are not related to the embossing, but is worth noting. Examples: Factory molded brass bushing Flaired skirt MLOB = Mold Line Over Base Waffle top Wide saddle groove

Base = the bottom of the insulator. It is noted in the following standardized ways. SDP = Sharp Drip Points RDP = Round Drip Points CB = Corrugated Base SB = Smooth Base

= Insulator has been verified that exists = Insulator has been verified that exists, but not listed in the "guide" = Insulator has not yet been verified as existing = Suspected error listing in the "guide" because listing does not match up with known manufacturing practices. Such as numbers and dots on an aqua insulator, or insulators listed with both factory molded brass bushing and without. Many do not come in both configurations and are listed as coming in both. Etc.

Color = The approximate color of the insulator. Due to manufacturing variations, insulators with the same color name maybe slightly different in actual appearance.

Primary Embossing EIN Embossing Special Features Base Color Verified?





Off Clear



(No embossing) (Hemingray product)


Blue Tint

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